Game Dev: Story Idea & Game Name

The story idea so far
I have now come up with a story line for my game challenge for this year, up to press I have not wrote one line of code or even drawn a single sprite.

That said, I do have a story for the game and a theme.

So the theme is that the game will be set in 1984 when the miners strike was on. The game will see you play as a miner on strike and battling through waves of police, government officials and other foes.

The story will be just like the real stories of the time, the miner is aiming to try and save the pits from closing and taking down the end boss which will be Thatcher!

You may be thinking why the hell would you base a game on this, well I was born in South Yorkshire in 1985, just after the strike. So I grew up in the aftermath of the pit closures, where families had little or no money, lost their homes and lively hoods.

I think the game will, in some way educate the younger folk that don't even know what a pit was. (or even hard work)

So the game will be called MSTRIKE (Miners Strike) and be a platform/brawler

So now you guys know what the idea is, let me know on
Twitter or send me a message from here, to let me know what you think.

I will keep you posted Happy