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Multi Operating System Image Editor

MOSIE is an image editor for the people out there that just want to edit an image on their computer quickly and easily and who lack any image editing knowledge.

MOSIE does not claim to be the be all and end all image editor, but it will do the most common image tasks and a little more.

Oh, and MOSIE is totally free and runs on all operating systems!
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Below are some example images produced using MOSIE's blend function (You can make some awesome Desktop backgrounds)

MOSIE Image MOSIE Image 2Finished MOSIE Image

You can even create a MEME for your social media and to send to your friends


You also can add watermarks to your images you use for your website or business!

MOSIE Watermark

You can even rename all your images in one go

MOSIE Multi File

And more!

Download MOSIE for your OS from my downloads page!